Stretch Mark Reduction

State of Art Ion wave technology –electro-mesotherapy is used to effectively and safely deliver anti stretch mark solution through the skin’s outer layers to the dermis below. It is based on Nobel Prize winning principles of electroporation; electro-mesotherapy creates temporary passage ways through the stratum corneum without puncturing the skin. It targets to diminish the appearance of stretch marks to restore elasticity and assist in prevention of stretch mark formation.


FDA approved safe, effective and proven results. up to 50% -70% reductions in just 5-7 sessions.


Unsightly scars and stretch marks, or striae, have presented problems for men and women for centuries. Scars and stretch marks are generally considered unsightly, disfiguring and unacceptable by many people.

Stretch marks in genetically susceptible individuals are usually the result of rapid growth or weight gain in a certain areas in the body. Common areas for developing stretch marks are the abdomen, the breasts, inner upper arms, thighs, hips and buttocks. This could be due to rapid weight gain, pregnancy, puberty, or rapid increase in muscle mass. Stretch marks are usually red early on and take on a whitish color as they mature. Over the counter and prescription creams are not effective for treatment of stretch marks as they do not penetrate deep enough on the skin to address the pathology.

Lighten your scars and stretch marks with our noble prize winning principles of electroporation, a non invasive mesotherapy which temporarily opens up the protein channel of the cells to deliver anti-scar and stretch mark solution into the cells to diminish the visibility of scars and appearance of stretch marks. It restores elasticity and assists in prevention of stretch mark formation.

Our procedure is extremely safe to be used on any body surface area and is an effective modality in the treatment of fresh and red stretch marks.

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