Carbon Peel


Carbon peel is an innovative treatment procedure with multiple benefits for acne, exfoliation,skin rejuvenation and decrease in the pore size and oily skin.Treatment lasts for few minutes with hardly any discomfort and no downtime.
A carbon cream is applied to the face and the laser beam is run over it. the carbon absorbs oil and enters the deep pores. as the laser blasts the carbon particles it destroys the dead cells, acne forming Bactria and acts as skin exfoliator. the pore size is reduced, skin achieves an instant glow, brightening with improvement in skin texture.
besides the face the carbon peel laser an be applied for the back And chest for the treatment of acne.
it stimulates the deeper collagen layers resulting in skin tightening and a youthful look.


* How is carbon laser done
Layer of carbon cream is applied to the face or other treatment area and left to dry for few minutes. a laser beam is passed over it which disintegrates the carbon along with the dead superficial epidermal layers and entering deep into the pores killing the acne bacteria.

* How long does the session last
Around 20 to 30 mins

*Is it painful
It is absolutely painless but for a warm feeling for the laser beam

*What are the benefits
-Reduces oil skin and pore size
-Increases skin tone and texture by stimulating collagen production
-Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
prevents acne by killing the bacteria and decreasing sebum producing glands

* How many session suggested and time interval
Around 4 to 6 sessions in 2 to 4 week interval

* How will the skin look immediately after treatment
Mild pink skin is noticed after the laser which subsides after few hours.

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