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Introducing the new surface peeling technology treatment for Skin Whitening which gives you smooth, radiant and glowing skin.

Skin whitening with Surface Peeling treatment is one of the new skincare technologies, which dramatically improves the quality of skin tissue.

How does Surface peeling help in skin whitening?
• Helps in immediate removal of superficial layers and dead cells.
• Instant action on skin allows smoothness and bright complexion with a “lighting”
• Gives you long-lasting action over several weeks, encouraging tissue renewal.
• Revitalizing action on skin cells and skin tone.

Other Benefits of Surface peeling
• Enhances your complexion giving you glowing skin.
• Reduces pigmentation
• Softening of the skin
• Removes Superficial spots
• Reduction of scars on the skin
• Surface wrinkles reduction

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Riva an established wellness and aesthetic group provides varied beauty enhancing services in their new laser medical center in Dubai. Riva has been the pioneering work of Dr.Rashmi
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