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Lifestyle diseases have increased because of the irregular lifestyle. More of work, less of time for your own self; more of stress, less of fun; more of television and video games, less of exercise. Stay-fit-and-healthy

Here are just five of the top adjustments to make:

#1 Get more sleep!

If you are sleep deprived, try changing your habits so you get a full eight hours every night. Your body repairs itself when you sleep, and not getting enough can really effect that in a bad way, therefore affecting your mood, concentration, metabolism and generally bringing you down the next day.

#2 Better diet

Look at your diet and what you’re eating now and make changes where you see fit. If you are susceptible to snacking, keep a piece of fruit or a few nuts at hand. The key is eating small meals throughout the day which are balanced and nutritiously rich.

#3 Stop all those bad habits

Take a look at your current lifestyle and make a small list of everything you do that is not good for your health. This could be anything, from eating too much junk food or drinking too much caffeine, to smoking, drinking, drugs

#4 Exercise, exercise, exercise

We all should be doing at least 30 minutes of exercise, 3 to 4 or more times a week, to maintain good health and keep fit. This can be pretty much anything that is physical, like walking, cycling, running, swimming to weightlifting, etc. By surrounding yourself with other people who are in the same shape as you are is great motivation and can make exercising fun.

#5 Drink lots and lots of water

With all this exercise we’ve been talking about definitely going to be thirsty and your body will crave water. Water is one of the best ways to improve your overall health and keep your body happy.

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