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Hair loss occurs due to various reasons. Hair loss can be due to disorders affecting the hair follicle , damage to the hair shaft or due to variations in the hair cycle growth. Hair growth occurs in different cycles the active growing cycle called Anagen and the resting phase called Telogen. On the scalp majority of the scalp hair are in the active anagen phase and a small percentage in the resting phase which are shed (normally around 100 to 200 per day)
Hair fall starts months after the inciting cause but is always self-limited and reversible if the offending cause is corrected or resolved. A cause based approach at RIVA , after analyzing the hair shaft and hair follicle promises hair growth.

Common causes of hair loss are:

1.Deficiencies in the diet
2.Androgenic & other Hormonal causes.
3.Acute illness or Chronic disorders. High ,fever infections & major surgeries
4.Crash diets.
5.Inadequate intake of proteins and micronutrients required for hair growth.
6.During pregnancy and child birth.

Androgenic Alopecia

This is the commonest form of hair loss called male pattern baldness in men and female pattern hair thinning in women. Hair loss is usually noticed in the early teens or in the 20s and 30s. Due to an increase in the hormones called androgens, the hair follicles become thinner and shorter resulting in hair loss. Initially hair loss is noticed in the crown area i.e. the top of the head, gradually hair loss may be noticed on the sides as well. It can be genetic and early treatment can decrease or slow the progression of hair loss.

Treatment of Hair loss

1.Improve nutrition status ( Read our article on hair nutrition- )
2.Avoid crash diets
3.Consult family physician to rule out thyroid disorder iron deficiency. If menstrual cycles are irregular check for the hormones – Testosterone DHEAS
4. Mesotherapy – involves the use of ingredients applied to the scalp using rollers which ininfuse sufficient hair growth factors required to help the hair follicle to grow.
5.Local application of Minoxidil solution ( may cause facial hair growth)
6.Tab Spironolactone orally which inhibits androgens.
7.Dandruff treatment.

At Rivablog52 after an initial consultation with our doctor the different aspects of hair growth is explained. Using a scalp and hair analyzer the hair loss pattern is diagnosed and the best modality of treatment and maintenance options are suggested.
As hair cycle has different phases of growth, management of hair fall requires patience and treatment lasting for a few weeks to months are required to see results. Adequate nutrition, local therapies as suggested ,yoga/ relaxation and regular head massage will keep your mane glowing and your spirits

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