Tips for healthy hair –what your diet should contain

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   Tips for healthy hair –what your diet should contain

Love to have lustrous, healthy hair?- It’s all about BALANCE says our nutritionist.

It’s all about balance when it comes to optimal nutrition for maintaining healthy hair.
You need a mixture of protein, complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.
Good hair nutrition begins with getting sufficient protein, which is the building block of your hair. To help assemble the proteins for hair growth complex carbohydrates are required and finally, the single most important minerals as far as hair growth is concerned is getting iron in an absorbable form.

Not to forget folic acid, Vitamin B12 and zinc which are associated with energy production and building good hair and skin tissue.
Here is a List which you need to incorporate in your diet.

Eggs are rich in biotin and vitamin B12. Biotin is a star element, which helps to keep your hair shiny and lustrous. Biotin is also present in many shampoos and conditioners and is one of the important elements needed for healthy hair.

This super fruit is loaded with vitamin C, which being antioxidant  helps in oxygen circulation to the scalp and hair follicles, and prevents hair breakage.

Green peas are a good source of minerals and vitamins like zinc, iron and vitamin B, which help in maintaining the health of your hair and scalp.

They are loaded with beta-carotene, which when consumed gets converted to vitamin A. Vitamin A prevents dull scalp.
Lentils are rich in folic acid and their varied ways of cooking adds more to a strong and healthier mane.
Include oysters in your diet as they are rich in zinc, helps your locks retain shine and health.
Whole grain cereals are good source of zinc, Iron and B vitamin.


Brazil nuts are one of nature’s best sources of selenium, an important mineral for the health of your scalp. Walnuts rich in omega-3 fatty acids, biotin, vitamin E and copper  protect your hair against damage from the sun by being a shield when you venture out; they also prevent hair loss and help keep your hair rich in color


Skim milk and their products are a good source of calcium, an important mineral required for hair growth. They also contain whey and casein a source of quality protein.Try low-fat cottage cheese for a protein-packed breakfast or lunch on the go when you don’t have time to make eggs. Top it with some fresh berries for an added serving of fruit.


Try it smoked or fresh at breakfast, lunch, or dinner for a good dose of protein along with B vitamins.


Dark green leafy vegetables are an excellent source of vitamin A and Vitamin C. Both these vitamins help in the formation of sebum, which is a natural hair conditioner and hence moisturizes your skin and scalp.

Polyphenols keep your scalp healthy.

AND as MAMA said don’t forget your carrots.Presence of vitamin A helps in formation of sebum oil in the scalp, which promotes healthy scalp which is essential for a shiny and well-conditioned head of hair.

Article by Ms.Archana Karthik

Dietitian and Nutritionist

Riva Laser Medical Center



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